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One of the things to do after oral surgery is to follow a soft foods diet. You are also told to make sure you get enough nutrition from that diet. That leaves people wondering what they should eat.

How can they get the protein their body needs if all they can eat is soft foods? With a little work and a little knowledge, it is easy to find the right soft foods to eat that provide the protein the body wants.

Finding the Right Foods

Finding the best soft proteins to eat after oral surgery requires two things. It requires finding soft foods high in protein. It also requires finding foods that you like to eat. Food is something we get pleasure out of and finding pleasure after oral surgery is not always easy to do. These are some of the foods that can put a smile on your face. They are also foods high in protein that will not hurt the recovery from oral surgery.

Greek Yogurt – A high protein food but be careful if there are big pieces of fruit in it that are difficult to chew. It is also high in many vitamins and minerals to speed up recovery.
Scrambled Eggs – This comfort food will provide plenty of protein, is easy to chew and tastes goods. Eggs that are high in Omega-3 fats can help with the healing process.
Smoothies – Smoothies can contain many things that not only make them taste good, but are also high in the vitamins, minerals and other things that will help with your recovery. Adding some protein powder to the smoothies can make them even better.
Hummus – This Middle Eastern delicacy is another good source of soft food protein.
Salmon – When salmon is cooked properly, it is soft and easy to chew. It is also a great source of protein.

Finding the right combination of foods to eat after oral surgery can make the recovery process much easier. For more information about a good diet plan after oral surgery, contact the dental professionals at our offices.