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Why All-On-4® is Better than Dentures

Nobel Biocare Implant Supported Dentures at DFW Oral Surgeons Tooth loss affects every single part of your life. Eating and speaking become a challenge. Your smile is impacted. Even the health of your jawbone is affected by tooth loss. The effects only become worse, the more teeth you lose. Dental implants are a widely popular treatment for replacing missing teeth, even if you are missing an entire arch. However, if you do not have sufficient bone mass in your jaw, it is much more difficult for your jaw to successfully support the necessary number of implant posts, an issue that can lead to implant failure. It used to be that insufficient bone mass meant dentures. Today, DFW Oral Surgeons can replace an entire arch of missing teeth with All-On-4®.

Treating Tooth Loss with Dentures

Dentures are the traditional treatment for tooth loss and have been in use for a few hundred years. Modern dentures are made using acrylic resin for the teeth and a gum colored acrylic for the base. Much like the older styles of dentures, modern dentures are also removable. The base is made to sit directly on your gums, which provide the support for your restoration. Modern dentures are a significant improvement over older types of dentures, even those from just a few decades ago. They are made to look much more natural and much less bulky. This helps to provide a more natural smile while boosting your confidence.

While the dentures used today are a great improvement, they still come with several downsides. First, they rely on your gums for support, tissue that was not meant to endure the pressure that dentures put on them. They can slip out of place, which is not only embarrassing but can also cause painful sores. It does take time to get use to wearing your dentures and getting use to eating foods again. Additionally, while dentures replace many of the functions of your missing teeth, they do not stop bone loss. This means that, after some time, your dentures will no longer fit properly due to your jawbone changing. As a result, you will need to have your dentures replaced every few years to ensure that your restorations remain comfortable and functional.


All-On-4® is a type of dental implant treatment. This particular treatment is designed to provide implants to patients missing an entire arch of teeth who do not have the necessary bone mass to properly support the six to eight implant posts needed for a regular implant supported denture. All-On-4® uses only four implant posts to support your teeth and helps you to avoid the need for a bone graft.

You may be wondering how it is possible to use fewer implants when you do not have a substantial amount of bone mass. The success of this treatment is not in the number of implants. Instead, it relies on how the posts are placed. Two posts are implanted vertically at the front of the jaw, where there is typically more bone mass. The other two posts are placed at the back of the jaw, one on each side. These posts are implanted at a 45-degree angle, which maximizes contact between existing bone and the posts and helps to ensure proper osseointegration. This angle also helps to avoid the sinus cavities, which helps to avoid the need for a sinus lift.

What Benefits Does All-On-4® Provide?

All-On-4® offers several significant benefits over traditional dentures.
•  The crowns of your implants are much more natural in appearance.
•  Your teeth are held securely in place. They will not slip around or cause sores.
•  The teeth are supported by the posts rather than your gums.
•  They can be brushed and flossed just like real teeth.
•  The posts restore stimulation to your jawbone. This helps to stop and prevent bone loss in your jaw.
•  Implants are a long-term, even permanent, solution. The posts usually do not need to be replaced unless something serious occurs.

If you have been told that your jaw is not strong enough for dental implants, this does not mean that you have to live with dentures. Call DFW Oral Surgeons at (972) 539-1491 today to learn more about All-On-4® and find out if it is the right treatment for you.
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