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After oral surgery, people are given a list of things they should avoid. There are many types of food on that list. For most, it is easy to understand why they should not eat hard food or chewy foods.

There is another type of food that is not as easy for people to understand. They wonder why it is a problem to eat sticky foods. Before turning to these foods, consider these problems that eating sticky foods can cause.

The Damage Sticky Foods Cause

The danger of sticky foods lies in the way you describe them. They stick to things. When you have not had oral surgery, the sticky foods get caught on your teeth and gums. They are often difficult to remove. The techniques for cleaning your teeth and gums when you have not had oral surgery, is through the use of flossing and brushing. You may try using a mouthwash.

The problem is that all of these activities are more dangerous after oral surgery. Brushing too hard around a surgical site can open the wound back up. Flossing can reopen the wound or cause another wound. Mouthwash can also cause problems at the surgical site.

Not removing the sticky foods is also a problem. The food can help promote the growth of bacteria that could lead to an infection at the surgical site. It could also lead to problems in the teeth and gums that surround the surgical site.

Removing the Sticky Foods is a Problem
Even when you are able to remove the foods through brushing or flossing, you may still create some problems. It is possible that removing the sticky foods can remove any stitches along with them. You may also remove a blood clot that formed over the site of a tooth extraction. This can lead to a condition known as dry socket that carries its own dangers.

You do not need to avoid sticky foods forever after oral surgery. Because of the dangers it is a good idea to avoid them until the surgical site heals.

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