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In order to get the best dental care possible, and to give the best dental care possible, a 3D cone beam may be the best possible scan to do for the patient. Depending on the specific case and the patient, this advanced technology may be needed to provide a more in-depth look into the dental health of the patient.

What is a 3D Cone Beam?

A 3D cone beam is a more focused x-ray that provides a lesser amount of scatter radiation, which essentially provides a better, clearer image quality than a traditional X-ray image. This cone beam is a straight shot to the area and one that can look through the many layers.

This is also considered a CT scan more so than an X-ray. This is why sometimes dental insurance may not cover the costs, or all of the costs. In addition to this, medical insurance will not cover the costs due to it being performed for dental reasons.

Why is it Used?

There are many reasons that this type of imagery may be used over the traditional type. Usually when something is unable to be seen clearer, or the person has a serious dental issue; this image can prove to be more effective at providing more insight.

This can also be used to find out if tooth infections have spread to other areas, such as the neck or other teeth and gum areas. This is important when providing our patients with the best possible care.

We provide this type of high-end technology within our dental office, so that everyone is able to get the best possible dental care. This is because we believe all of our patients deserve the best care possible, and we work to provide it.

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