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Sleep apnea is a serious condition. Many people who have sleep apnea do not even realize it. It is something that happens while they sleep so how would they know it is a problem. There are signs and symptoms that suggest a person has sleep apnea.

Once a person sees those signs they can get tested to see if they are dealing with it. Once they recognize they have sleep apnea, they have to move on to the next step. They have to decide what to do about it. That is when people may wonder if surgery is an option.

Causes of Sleep Apnea

To know if surgery can help sleep apnea, it is important to know what causes sleep apnea. The most common cause is obesity. People who have excess weight on their body are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea. In this case the only surgery that will help is weight loss surgery. There are many other ways to lose weight that do not include surgery.

Types of Surgery

For the people who suffer from sleep apnea that are not overweight, there are surgical options that can help. Children that have enlarged tonsils or adenoids can benefit when they are removed. Nasal surgery can help adults that have obstructions in the nose. Three areas of the nose can cause the obstruction. They are the septum, nasal valves and turbinate’s.

Surgery on the palate can remove excess tissue or add tissue from the palate to manage the sleep apnea. Surgical procedures on the tongue may remove the obstructions related to the apnea. Advancement of the lower jaw is another surgical procedure that has had success in treating sleep apnea. A tracheostomy is a procedure used for only the sickest of patients.

If the question is can surgery help people who suffer from sleep apnea, the answer is yes. If the question is if surgery is the first option a person should turn to, the answer is probably not. There are other less invasive techniques that can help people who suffer from this condition.

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