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Recovery depends on a number of factors. Not only does the person themselves matter, but also the procedure that they undergo.

Certain procedures that are more invasive often require our patients to have more down time, while quicker procedures will have them back up on their feet in no time at all.

Our dental professionals will go over the patient’s specific situation and outcome so that they have a better idea of what they should expect based on their unique situation, procedure and background.

Recovery from Oral Surgery in Aging Patients

Aging patients may have a longer recovery period than younger patients. When the body ages, it slows down, this causes healing times to also take longer than they normally would. While this might seem like a problem, it isn’t.

We prepare the patient for the most comfortable, best outcome that they can get from oral surgery that may be required to correct an issue they may be having. Not only that, but aging patients tend to have other underlying medical conditions that can cause the body to slowly heal. This can hinder the process, but it will not stop it entirely.

Other measures may need to be taken to help the body heal faster. Patients with conditions that might make it more difficult to heal will be spoken with regarding this unique situation and given the options that they have for correcting the dental issue.

Our office can accommodate patients of all ages, and those elderly patients that would like more information on healing times, as well as ways to make the healing process faster and more comfortable can speak with our dental professionals to find recommended ways to go about this. Everyone is welcome in our office and we want to make them feel comfortable.