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Oral Surgeons are experts in performing dental surgery. Most dentists are aware of bits and pieces of portions of oral surgery, but only an oral surgeon is an expert on caring for your surgery needs, the right kind of anesthesia required, and how to handle other issues that can arise.

Oral Surgeons remove wisdom teeth. The removal of wisdom teeth is often a painful process, trust your procedure in the hands of someone who does this procedure all the time.
Some oral surgeries are covered by both your medical and your dental insurance. Some procedures cross the lines of no longer being considered dental and are considered medical, this may be helpful to a patient seeking attention, costs that their dental insurance won’t cover may be covered by their medical insurance. Consult our front desk for more information.
Oral Surgeons correct the issues associated with having a cleft palate. A cleft of the lip, gum (alveolus), or palate, can produce a variety of dental problems. We can correct both the function and aesthetics for the patient.
Oral Surgeons restore missing teeth with the placement of dental implants. Implants is a rapidly growing dental procedure, having it done by someone who understands the surgical process will greatly enhance the success for the patient.
We can reduce migraines, TMJ and overbites with corrective jaw surgery. A patient may be surprised to learn that their headaches, earaches, or tired jaw, may be due to a jaw being out of alignment. We can correct this, easing your discomfort.
Entire facial reconstruction following an injury should be trusted in the hands of your oral surgeon. With an understanding of the bone, palate, tissue, and it’s placement, you want severe trauma to handled by an oral surgeon.
The removal of benign tumors from your mouth can have traumatic effects on your oral cavity. An oral surgeon can predict what impact the removal will have and plan accordingly.
Root Canal therapy is a surgical procedure.
If you need a dental bridge, you’ll need an oral surgeon to help you.
If seeking facial cosmetic surgery, including chin surgery and ear surgery, your oral and maxillofacial surgeon can help.

Please contact us today if you have any questions about oral surgery.