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Recovering from oral surgery requires you to do and to not do certain things. There are some things on the list that you should completely avoid, but there are others where there is a little bit of a grey area. Exercising after oral surgery is on the list, but what does that mean. Is it possible that there is still some way to get the exercise your body wants without affecting the recovery from oral surgery?

Why Exercise is Dangerous

There are three keys to good health. Those are diet, exercise and rest. Rest is the chance for the body to recover from any damage during the day’s activity. Since oral surgery actually does cause some damage to the body, rest is one of the keys to helping with your recovery. Exercising can create issues that do not allow the body to recover quickly.

When you exercise, several things happen to your body. Exercise can cause stress on your body which can impact its ability to recover from the oral surgery. You will also put stress on a variety of muscles, including those in the jaw and the mouth. The stress on these muscles can affect the surgical site.

Your body needs time to recover from any type of surgery. That means it needs to rest. Exercising may help make you tired, but you still need to get more rest without the stress that exercising causes to the body.

How to Exercise Safely

While there are dangers associated with exercising after oral surgery, that does not mean you have to skip it entirely. There are a couple of key things to consider. When you do exercise after oral surgery, make it less strenuous. Take it easy to avoid putting too much stress on the body. As you get further away from the surgery, you can start to ramp up the physical activity. If you feel any discomfort while exercising, you should stop immediately and if it persists you should come to our office to get it checked out.

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