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Many people undergo jaw surgery for a number of reasons. Getting jaw surgery, all known as orthognathic surgery can help when a patient has jaw bone problems. This surgery can correct a number of these problems so that the jaws and teeth will be realigned and work together better. This surgery can also cause improvement in the look of the face.

When people get jaw surgery, it is often used for jaw problems that can’t be corrected with orthodontics alone. While orthodontics like braces can help reshape the jaw, there is a limit to how much they can correct it. Some patients who get this surgery are currently wearing braces. They will keep wearing them during the healing period of their jaw so that the alignment ends up being corrected. A patient’s orthodontist may work closely with the surgeon in order to create a comprehensive treatment plan for the patient. Once the procedure has been done and the effects are seen, patients generally find that it was well worth it to get this corrective surgery.

Jaw Correction

Before getting jaw surgery, surgeons will often allow the patient to stop growing before performing the procedure. Growth generally stops at around 16 for girls and for boys around 21. Many patients who need this corrective surgery have problems with chewing, talking, and sometimes breathing. When there is a skeletal problem with the jaw, jaw surgery can be extremely helpful and make it easier to perform all of these actions. It can also make the face look better and more balanced and aligned. However, the focus for the oral surgeon is generally to fix issues that affect the function of the jaws rather than the cosmetic benefits that can come from it.

Benefits of Jaw Surgery

If you do need jaw surgery, there are a number of benefits that come with it. The specific benefits that you get will depend on your jaw surgery type and what it was meant to do for you. Many of the benefits you get may include an easier time speaking and better swallowing. You may have a better time chewing and biting food, and you may have less wear caused to your teeth. If your teeth have been breaking down from your jaw problem, this surgery can put an end to it.

For many patients, it becomes far easier to keep the lips closed and to bring the teeth together as you close your jaw. When people have a bad bite, it can lead to discomfort and other problems. Jaw surgery can correct the bite to stop these problems. If you have a TMJ problem or another jaw problem that causes pain, jaw surgery can correct it so that you feel better and have better control over your jaw. If you have had an injury to your face or a birth defect of the face, this surgery can help with both of these problems. It can even help patients with their sleep apnea.

Who Needs Jaw Surgery?

There is a wide variety of conditions that can leave patients in need of jaw surgery. If you have trouble swallowing or biting and chewing, you may need this surgery. If you have frequent jaw pain or a lot of wear to your teeth, it may be necessary. If you often have to breathe through your mouth or you have a jaw that is protruding, jaw surgery can correct these problems. Some people have a jaw and lower chin that recede or have a problem trying to close their lips and need this corrective surgery. People with sleep apnea and injuries to the jaw can also benefit from this surgery.

Before Jaw Surgery

For many patients, it’s necessary for them to get braces before getting this surgery. Sometimes, they will have to be on for a full year before the surgery can be done. Before your surgery, you will get x-rays and have pictures taken of your jaw and teeth. You may also need to have a model of your teeth made and/or get a CT scan of your jaw. There are some patients who get anchors installed on their teeth so that they aren’t required to wear braces for a long period before the surgery. The surgeon will be able to plan the surgery virtually so that they will know just how to move your jaw for the best results from the surgery.

There are so many conditions that jaw surgery can correct that is a common surgery for patients to get. It offers so many benefits that it is certainly worth it to have this surgery done.

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