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When teeth are extremely damaged either due to decay, trauma, or impaction they will often have to be removed.

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Impacted Teeth

The one reason for extracting teeth that most people experience is needing to have wisdom teeth removed. But why are wisdom teeth removed so frequently? There are a couple reasons that they pose a risk to your oral health. Impaction is the most common cause of wisdom tooth removal.

When a tooth is said to be impacted, what is meant is that as it erupts into the mouth it will do so in a way that causes it to run into other teeth or structures in the mouth. When a tooth grows into other teeth it can break them or cause infection or both.

We can often tell that a tooth will be impacted before it erupts through the use of X-ray technology. When we know a tooth stands a good chance of being impacted we will opt to remove it pre-emptively in order to forgo any issues.

Removal Due to Decay

When a tooth is affected by so much decay that there is no chance to save it, extraction ensures that the mouth will be saved from further decay or infection. Often, when a tooth has a deep cavity we can save it through a process called root canal therapy wherein we remove the root and biological material from within the tooth. When a root canal is not possible, extraction will be required.

Tooth Trauma

In the event of serious injury due to trauma it may be necessary to remove the tooth. If you experience serious trauma to a tooth or teeth it is important that you collect the teeth, place them in a container with some milk, and call our office at (972) 539-1491 immediately. Depending on the severity of the trauma and how it occurs, we may be able to fix the issue and avoid tooth extraction entirely.

To transport a tooth to our office, grip it by undamaged portion of the tooth being careful to avoid touching the damaged portion. Clean it by lightly rinsing in water and place it back into the mouth to be held between the cheek and gum or in the place it broke out of. As mentioned above, a container with milk will also suffice.

Tooth Replacement Options

When a tooth is extracted or lost it is important to consider tooth replacement as soon as possible. Going without a tooth can have multiple ramifications on your oral health, your appearance, and your ability to eat. If you go without a tooth for long enough the bone in your jaw can begin to recede.

Depending on the amount of teeth that need to be replaced we can come up with a tooth replacement option that will work for you. Dentures, partial dentures, and dental implants all offering varying advantages and disadvantages that we are happy to share with you.

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