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Like other types or surgery, oral surgery will cause bleeding after it is completed. There is no need to worry about bleeding as it’s part of the natural healing process.

Following oral surgery, there will be a minor about of blood, however, most of the liquid coming out of your mouth shouldn’t be blood. Most of the liquid should actually be saliva. Large amounts of blood after surgery may indicate a complication, and it’s important that you contact us as soon as possible if you seem to be bleeding an abnormal amount.

Bleeding should typically last up to three days. During this time, you should notice the bleeding start to dwindle. We will give you care tips when we send you home to make sure you get the bleeding to stop as soon as possible, however, there is a chance that bleeding can continue past three days.

When You Should Come See Us

If bleeding continues past three days, it’s a serious problem and should be addressed immediately. Blood loss over three days can make you dizzy or possibly make you unconscious. It’s important to contact us immediately if you are not able to get your bleeding to stop.

Continual bleeding may also indicate that one of your wounds is still open or that the stitches have fallen out too soon. Open wounds in the mouth are very prone to infection, and an infection may make healing impossible. In some cases, an unchecked oral infection could lead to death.

If you have any more questions about how to stop bleeding following your oral surgery, please call us at our office number. We will be able to answer any question you may have before coming in for oral surgery. Also, make sure to contact us immediately if you have recently had oral surgery and can’t get bleeding to stop.