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Dentures can be quite uncomfortable if they are not properly fitted to the inside of your mouth. When it comes to getting a better, sturdier fit for your dentures, you need to see one of our oral surgeons. They will do whatever they can to help increase the comfort level of your dentures, while ensuring a snug and stable fit.

Fitting Your Dentures Inside Your Mouth

The proper fit of a pair of dentures begins before you ever put them into your mouth. It all starts with the impression of your mouth. An oral surgeon can make an accurate mold of your mouth, ensuring that all of the measurements and impressions are accurate, before sending it out to have your dentures created.

You can use adhesives to help secure the dentures in place, but this is only a temporary fix. You see, dentures rest and balance themselves on your jaw bone. After adhesives begin to lose their effectiveness many patients turn to denture relining. This process will help reduce pain and discomfort, while increasing usability, but again, this is a short-term solution.

Without the stimulation roots, the bone begins to re-absorb into the body. This is why people with dentures need to get new dentures roughly every 5 years. However, after a while, there will not be enough bone mass left to even support a denture. At this point you will have to look into a bone graft before you can be fitted for a new pair of dentures.

This is why oral surgeons recommend dental implants over dentures. However, this also requires sufficient bone density and surface area. If your bone density is too low for traditional dental implants, we may recommend what is called, teeth-in-a-day. This is an all-on-4 implant technique that requires less bone mass and is less invasive than other implant procedures.

If you are having problems with your dentures and would like to learn what kind of options you have, contact our office today and schedule an appointment.