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Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience for anyone, but when you are an adult and you depend on your smile all-day every day, it can really be a setback.

If your tooth gets knocked out or broken the first thing to do is retrieve the tooth and place it back into the socket.

If you are unable to replace the tooth the next best method of transportation would be to place it in a Tupperware with some milk or saliva. Once you have the tooth call us and setup an emergency appointment to be seen immediately, or if you are in the area, stop by.

Broken Tooth Transport and Care

It is critical that you handle a lost or broken tooth with care as there are a few sensitive areas that can be adversely affected by rough handling or transport. When you pick the tooth up, do so from the crown end of the tooth. The crown is the portion of your tooth that you use to chew.

The main point of note is, stay away from the broken end of the tooth. At the broken end of a tooth the nerve or ligament can be exposed and if those parts of the tooth are rubbed or handled improperly they can be damaged, decreasing the chances of a successful repair.

If the broken tooth appears dirty feel free to rinse it off, preferably with some salt water. Plain water doesn’t mesh well with the biology of a tooth and can make it more difficult to repair. If water is the only option you have available as a rinsing solution, a quick rinse is fine before placement into the socket or a Tupperware.

As we mentioned above, water isn’t the best way to preserve a tooth, even though it must be kept moist. Not surprisingly, saliva fits the bill when it comes to a solution that is teeth friendly.

We understand that spitting into a container may make a bad day worse, so milk makes a fine substitute as a transport solution. You can also place the tooth between your gums and cheek as long as you are careful not to play with it on the way in to our office.

How to Prevent the Most Common Tooth Loss Scenarios

Tooth loss due to trauma is most common in the area of sports injuries. We highly suggest always using a protective mouth guard to help mitigate blows to the teeth.

Of course, some sports provide protective helmets or equipment to be worn at all time. This does not mean tooth protection can be forgone. In any sport where physical contact is a possibility, the biggest risk comes from your own teeth cracking against each other.

Please call us immediately if you have lost a tooth due to trauma. We will do our very best to see you immediately and save your tooth!