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Have you ever accidently bitten your lip and had to start to bleed on you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, nearly every person in the world has done this, multiple times in their life. If this happens to you, you need to know what you can do to help stop the bleeding, avoid bruising and prevent an infection.

How To Stop The Bleeding

Stopping the bleeding is the easy part. You want to use a damp paper towel or washcloth and apply pressure. It will not take long for the lip to stop bleeding for minor punctures, typically just a few minutes. However, for larger punctures, you may have to seek medical attention and have oral stitches placed to close the puncture.

Cleaning The Area

After the bleeding has stopped, you are going to make sure you clean the area. Use a gentle soap and work a nice lather between your hands. Carefully apply the soap to the area.

It is important that you do not scrub the area. The ideal is to let the soap do the work, not your hands. After letting the soap sit for about a minute, gently rinse the area off and pat dry with a clean paper towel or washcloth.

Minimizing Swelling

Swelling is the body’s way of dealing with most types of injuries. When we get hurt, blood and white blood cells are rushed to the area to help repair the damage. Unfortunately, the immediate rush of blood to the area causes the tissue in said area to expand.

To counteract this, a cold compress or wrapped ice pack can be used to help minimize the impact of the initial rush and limit swelling. Cold also helps to dull pain, which can be extremely helpful after biting your lip.

If you’ve recently bitten your lip and you cannot stop the lip from bleeding do not hesitate to contact our office today. We will help you stop the bleeding. If the wound is deep enough, we may possibly explore the idea of stitches and antibiotics to care for the injury.