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There are many different reasons why someone might have a cracked tooth. It could be because you bit down on something hard. It might be due to a facial blow. Grinding your teeth can cause them to crack. Even age could be a factor. Cracked teeth are not uncommon, and there are different ways to treat them.

What Are the Symptoms Of a Cracked Tooth?

The main symptom of a cracked tooth is pain when you bite down. If the pain is sharp, that could be a cracked tooth. If any pain starts right after you bite down, there is a good chance that it is a cracked tooth. Another sign is if you have pain when you eat, but it does not hurt at other times. If you think that you cracked a tooth, make an appointment.

How Can You Tell?
It can be hard to tell if a tooth is cracked, because a crack is hard to see with the naked eye and it may not show up on an x-ray. You can help us to know that a tooth is cracked by keeping track of the things that cause you pain. Cracked teeth are often sensitive to hot and cold, and also sticky foods like caramel that stay on your teeth.

What Is the Dental Treatment?

The way that we treat a cracked tooth will depend on how severe the crack is. Sometimes a filling will do the trick. We might suggest a crown. In some cases, we will need to extract the tooth, but we will try to avoid that.

If you think that you have a cracked tooth, the best course of action is to come in and see us, even if it is not causing you any pain. The crack will just get worse over time if it is not treated.