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Wisdom Teeth Removal- Serving Bartonville

Tooth_Extractions_picAppearing between the ages of 17 and 25 years, wisdom teeth are typically the last teeth to come into a patient’s mouth. Sometimes these four molars come in, or erupt, just fine. At other times, wisdom teeth cause oral health problems and require removal. DFW Oral Surgeons can remove problematic wisdom teeth to help you avoid dental health problems in the future.

As with other teeth, wisdom teeth should erupt through the gum in the right place and in an upright position. However, because they come in last, wisdom teeth often do not have enough room to erupt through the gum correctly. Sometimes wisdom teeth come in turned or tilted; at other times, the teeth fail to come through the gum at all. Dentists refer to these as impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth that do not erupt correctly can cause problems. Impacted wisdom teeth are vulnerable to infection, for example, and the crowding caused by wisdom teeth can push other teeth out of place. In time, impacted wisdom teeth can even affect the health of your other teeth. Surgical removal of these wisdom teeth by an oral surgeon can help reduce the risk of dental problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth.

Annual exams give your dentist time to plan for wisdom teeth

Every young adult who is old enough to get wisdom teeth should undergo an annual exam with a dental professional, according to recommendations by the American Dental Association. These exams allow dentists to determine if wisdom teeth are coming in properly and to look for signs of future problems. Early removal may be necessary to avoid unnecessary damage to the other teeth in the mouth. In cases in which wisdom teeth have already erupted, the annual exams provide dental professionals with an opportunity to assess the wisdom teeth for decay or other oral health problems.

We are happy to serve our nearby neighbors of Bartonville, TX.  For more information about wisdom tooth removal, consult with DFW Oral Surgeons. We perform wisdom tooth extractions in our office, under the appropriate level of anesthesia to ensure maximum comfort. Contact us today by calling (972) 210-0594.