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When you are missing a full arch of teeth, either the top or bottom arch, there are many ways that you can replace them. If you want a permanent replacement, removable dentures are probably not what you’re looking for. However, there are dentures that are permanent and can only be removed by an oral surgeon. An all-on-four implant system can replace many teeth at once.

If you are thinking about getting dental implants to replace your teeth, this would mean getting one separate implant for each tooth. This also means that each space where a tooth would go would likely have to be fortified with a bone graft to make sure that the bone is thick and dense enough to hold onto each implant. Getting individual implants is certainly possible for many people, but it would take a long time and require many surgeries. Another way to replace a full arch of teeth is to get all-on-four dental implants. This requires only four implants to hold a full denture to replace all of those teeth at once. With this system, you have permanent tooth replacement without needing about 14 implants to accomplish it.

Replacing Your Teeth

When you are missing a lot of teeth, it can be harder to chew and talk. It can also affect your self-confidence. A great way to replace all of these missing teeth at once is to get an all-on-four. When these teeth are implanted, they look just like natural teeth. No one should be able to tell that you have a denture in or that your teeth are artificial. These teeth are made in natural colors and shapes to precisely fit into your mouth and to look increasingly realistic. They even have the same shine as natural teeth.

When you have your teeth back, it often makes chewing and talking much easier. Many people also get a boost of self-confidence from their new teeth. When people are missing a lot of teeth, their nutrition may suffer from difficulty in eating, and this can mean less energy and poor health. Getting your teeth replaced is an important part of taking care of your overall health. It will allow you to eat healthy foods and to be more confident when you do so.

Preserving Bone and Contour

When you are missing a lot of teeth, it can change the way your face looks. Some people find that they have a different contour to their cheeks when their teeth are missing. Not having teeth also causes the bone to disintegrate and be reabsorbed by the body. Without teeth there, this bone has nothing to put pressure on it, and it soon starts to shrink back. This can cause even more issues with face contour. Getting all-on-four dental implants changes all of this. With implants in place, the surrounding bone is kept strong and intact. This can help you to look more the way you used to before losing the teeth.

Easy to Care For, Easier to Place

Patients who get removable dentures have a care routine that they must perform every day to clean their teeth and keep them in good condition. This generally means soaking them every night and scrubbing them to get rid of debris. When you have an all-on-four denture, it isn’t removed at night. These teeth are simply brushed with a toothbrush the same way you would brush your natural teeth. This makes them very easy to care for, and you don’t have to get used to a whole new routine. You can keep them looking great simply by brushing them the way you’re already used to.

When you get all-on-four implants, all of the implants can be implanted all at once on the same day, often as the teeth are extracted. This means you only have one period of recovery instead of several. Then, you can get your temporary dentures right away so that you no longer have to go without teeth. When the implants have healed and are fused to the bone, the permanent denture can be attached for study teeth that you’ll be proud to show off.

There’s No Slipping

There are a number of issues that people have with removable dentures that they don’t have to worry about with all-on-four implants. Traditional dentures have a tendency to slip throughout the day, especially when sneezing, laughing, or with a lot of chewing or talking. This isn’t the case with an all-on-four. With these implants, they stay firmly in place no matter what you do. You don’t have to worry about them shifting or even falling out. This gives a lot of people more confidence about their new teeth and allows them to get back to their regular lives without worrying about denture adhesives or accidents.

These permanent dentures are also sturdy and durable. They’re strong enough that you can eat virtually anything with confidence. They will not only stay in place, but they are likely to last you for decades without a problem.

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